If you've been invited to attend an Indian wedding or reception, it is very important to dress appropriately. As with any other culture, Indians have their own customs which they expect to be respected by all attendants. Fortunately, Indian wedding dress is fun and colorful, so choosing what to wear can actually be an enjoyable experience.

Unlike having to fit into a restrictive dress for a western-style wedding, women at Indian weddings typically wear a traditional strip of cloth called a saree. Sarees are several feet long in length and are draped over the body in various ways. Modern sarees are brightly colored, beautifully created clothing items which come in various styles to better suite the personality of the wearer. It can be either be a traditional style or something more trendy. While colors continue to have meaning in Indian culture, they are less important today than once was the case.

The majority of Indians choose the color red, however, as it is widely available and generally thought to indicate good fortune for the bride and groom. Fortunately, wedding sarees are usually categorized by themselves both in stores and at online retailers, so you really can't make a wrong choice. If you are unsure about the appropriateness of a certain color or style, however, then it is best to enquire with the wedding planner in advance.

While consideration must be given to the customs of the bride and groom's families, you should also have fun when choosing your saree. Indian fashion designers for years have created stylish sarees which are beautifully colored, amazing works of art. These garments are embroidered with exquisite embellishments that takes hundreds of hours of work to complete.

Just wearing one can make you feel special, as you realize the amount of time and energy spent in making the saree just for you. The majority of sarees are made out of silk, although satin and chiffon are also popular choices. Custom designed sarees are embellished with extras such as embedded semi precious stones, gold embroidery, and beads. These can be quite expensive, but look absolutely stunning.

Obviously, however, if you are just planning to attend a wedding, you don't want to upstage the bride. Some rules are the same regardless of cultures. Choosing the saree to wear should be a fun activity. Sarees are perhaps the most versatile garment in the world and, as such, there is always a design available that perfectly accents your personality. Whether you choose to splurge on an expensive saree or buy a less costly one doesn't matter. It is all about enjoying life and taking part in a wonderful event.